The Tan Brush® Cleanser


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The Tan Brush® Cleanser will keep your brush clean and in perfect condition. It thoroughly cleanses and removes tanning product residue build-up and preserves The Tan Brush® bristles. Cleanse The Tan Brush® after every use. The Tan Brush® Cleanser is Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, gluten, perfume, and fragrance-free. 
How to use
Hold the The Tan Brush® in one hand and spritz the cleanser 5 times onto the surface of the brush. Rub the brush rigorously onto The Tan Brush® Microfiber Cloth. This cloth is super absorbent and made to trap residual tanning products without leaving any lint on The Tan Brush®  Repeat until the brush is clean. Leave to air-dry completely before storing.

The Tan Brush® Microfiber Cloth Care
Hand wash with warm water to release residual tanning product, rinse well and air-dry. Do not apply heat, detergent or fabric softener.


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